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  • 24/7availability, patient, constructive feedback
  • Personal interview coach to help improve interview skills
  • Get feedback on areas that should be improved
  • Feel more confident and well-prepared for interviews


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  • 3 sessions with coaches in each section
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  • Unlimited sessions with coaches
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  • Plan renews weekly
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  • Unlimited sessions with coaches
  • Access to all services
  • Plan renews monthly
  • Cancel your plan anytime

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Ground breaking and revolutionary way to advance your career

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I was feeling lost in my job search, but Coach Me Up! changed everything.

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The AI-enhanced career coach is incredibly helpful, offering personalized feedback and guidance for every stage of the process

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Frequenty Asked Questions

How does an AI career coach work?

Our AI career coach uses advanced algorithms to understand your career goals, skills, and challenges. It provides personalised advice and guidance, just like a human coach would, but with the added advantage of being available 24/7. It leverages advanced technologies such as state-of-the-art large language modelling AI to deliver a powerful coaching experience that is both engaging and effective. This includes personalised coaching conversations tailored to your unique career aspirations and challenges. Moreover, our AI coach adheres to strict privacy and data protection standards, ensuring that your personal data is safe and secure.

How does the AI career coaching app maintain user privacy?

User privacy is a priority for our AI career coaching app. We strictly adhere to OpenAI's data usage guidelines: 1. OpenAI does not use data sent via the API to improve their models. This is only done if you, as the customer, explicitly opt to share your data with OpenAI for this purpose. 2. OpenAI retains data sent through the API for a maximum of 30 days for abuse and misuse monitoring. After this period, the data is deleted, unless otherwise required by law. Additionally, our app utilises anonymised usage telemetry provided by TelemetryDeck, which takes a privacy-first approach. This helps us understand and improve user experience without compromising user privacy. These measures combined ensure that our app offers a robust level of data protection and confidentiality for all our users.

Is AI career coaching effective?

Yes, AI career coaching has proven to be very effective. Our AI coach leverages the latest technologies to provide dynamic, personalised coaching experiences that are engaging and effective. It integrates insights from behavioural scientists and coaching professionals to guide users on their journey to personal and professional growth. Despite being technology-driven, our AI coach is designed to deliver a human-like coaching experience, focusing on empathy and responsibility, thus offering a high-quality coaching experience.

What would a career coach do?

A career coach is a professional who guides individuals in making strategic career decisions. They provide expert advice on career planning, job hunting, resume building, interview preparation, and professional development. In the context of our AI career coaching app, our virtual coach harnesses the power of AI to offer personalised career coaching, enabling users to navigate their career paths effectively.

What should I discuss with a career coach?

With a career coach, you can discuss a broad range of topics including career goals, job search strategies, resume and cover letter advice, interview preparation, and professional development. Within our AI coaching app, you have the freedom to discuss anything with our AI coach. All conversations are private and not shared, ensuring you have a safe, judgment-free space for candid career discussions.

How do I find a career?

Finding a career involves understanding your interests, skills, and values, and then aligning them with potential career paths. Exploring different industries, networking, and gaining relevant experience are also crucial steps. Our AI career coach will guide you through this process, taking into account your personal experience and skills to help you find a career that suits you best.

Why would someone hire a career coach?

Individuals hire career coaches to gain clarity in their career path, improve job search strategies, develop interview skills, navigate career transitions, or achieve specific career goals. Our AI career coach provides individualised guidance, helping users to enhance their professional skills, understand the job market, and make informed career decisions.

What is the difference between a career coach and a career counselor?

While both career coaches and career counselors aim to assist individuals with their careers, they approach this goal from different perspectives. A career coach is usually focused on helping you achieve specific career goals and overcome obstacles in your professional life. On the other hand, a career counselor tends to explore broader aspects of your life and career, often delving into psychological or personal issues that might be affecting your work. However, it's important to note that these roles can overlap, and the distinction may vary.

How much does a career coach cost?

The cost of a career coach can vary widely, depending on their expertise, the duration and frequency of sessions, and the specific services offered. In the UK, for instance, career coaching usually starts from £50 per hour. However, our AI career coaching app offers cost-effective subscription plans, providing professional coaching services that are accessible and affordable.

Does the app have a free trial?

Yes, our app offers two time-limited sessions with an AI coach for you to practice for the interview before you will need to subscribe. This allows you to experience the effectiveness and convenience of our AI career coaching before making a commitment.

Does the app have an Android version?

An Android version of our app is on the roadmap. Based on user demand, it will be prioritised accordingly. If you are interested in the Android version, please fill in the contact form and let us know. Your feedback is valuable in helping us improve and expand our services.

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